Why everyone you know is getting engaged between november and january?

Engagement season is upon us!

It may seem like you’re starting to see happy marriage proposals and snapshots of engagement rings everywhere — “I said yes” posts all over Instagram, engagement ring advertisements during every commercial break, and epic proposal videos on the news.

You’re not going crazy, and you’re not imagining it. The months leading up to the big holiday season, the holidays, and a few months after are known as engagement season, a time when a huge percentage of happy couples decide to get married and start planning their weddings.

The number one day for engagements is New Year’s Eve, even if engagement season starts to spike in November, a trend that continues through December, because people can spread the happy news during their holiday celebrations with family and friends.

a proposal that you can not miss out on

As we use to do every year, November is the best moment to start planning your wedding. And if you decided to marry abroad, you absolutely need a professional to help you quite in advance. That's why we give you the opportunity to take advantage of an unmissable offer.

1. discount on the planning

Even if the custom project usually has a cost between € 300 and € 500, if you decide to secure the date with us we will do it for free.

2.complimentary decorations

We will also add some complimentary items for the decoration of your wedding. This can be an exclusive model of lanterns or a special kind of tablecloths, a complimentary set of stationery or free wedding car hire. Obviously, the higher your budget, the more free items you will receive.

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