“We decided to have a Santorini wedding because we think it is simply the most beautiful place in the world”.

Sarah Ann, the beautiful bride selected a stunning dress from the “Bliss” collection by Monique Lhuiller, a designer well known for the timeless and amazing designs.

Sarah Ann’s desire was to have a romantic santorini wedding at a location with a summer garden feel. She knew the difficulties that she would encounter while planning a destination Santorini wedding… However according to her: “when planning a destination Santorini wedding … don’t attempt to do it by yourself!  We worked flawlessly with the wedding planners Stella & Moscha … I think that the best part was that once I was on the island and had my meeting with Stella I stop worrying and just enjoyed myself.  From that point on, I knew I was in good hands and that I could give the control over and know that everything would be executed as well as if I did it all myself!”

George met the love of his life at a very young age …they attended the same Greek Orthodox Church and Saturday morning Greek School.  They became inseparable friends who grew up together and fell in love… “We did a lot of growing up together and a lot of learning as well”, the bride told us.

“A few of the thousands of emotions I felt were the unique eagerness while getting ready… the anticipation of seeing one another and locking eyes outside the church… the pure comfort and relief in knowing we were finally becoming husband and wife” says Sarah Ann.

The ceremony was held in the Anastasi, at one of the most famous churches of Santorini located in the heart of the caldera with a breathtaking view of the volcano and the deep blue sea...

The romantic wedding bouquet was a lovely combination of akito, vendela, avalance and keira roses in soft shades of ivory and pink.


Regarding the ceremony of the Santorini wedding, Sarah Ann mentioned: “… We will never forget the moment we realized we were getting married …the joy and affection we felt for each other … It was as if the whole world was on pause for us, because our love and our lives being joined together was all that mattered that day and every minute was genuinely about our celebration!  I remember seeing the blend of happiness, tears, and joy that existed in our parents and grandparents eyes which displayed a special sense of cultural pride, as well as pure love for us and all their hopes for us in future.  I could never forget these feelings that helped to create the most special day of our lives, and Santorini was the perfect backdrop”.


George proposed to Sarah Ann during a “treasure hunt” at lake Ottawa in Canada during one of their winter trips. The bride told us: ” We took a long weekend winter getaway to a cabin just south of Ottawa, Canada. 

While most of our time was spent being lazy doing puzzles in front of the fire, we did take one day to tour the city.  I love games and competition so George found a website that creates scavenger hunts for different cities to help you see all the attractions in a fun and creative way.  So, we worked diligently through the clues (which were not very easy!). Towards the end I was getting very tired and almost wanted to stop.  It was about 10 degrees Farenheit that day… freezing! 

However… George didn’t let us stop… little did I know, he had changed the last clue himself and created a scenario that put us out on the rim of the Ottawa River, alone, with the beautiful city behind us.  As I was looking in one direction up in the rock formation for the “answer to the clue” he had actually gotten down on one knee behind me, and when I turned around he proposed. It was very creative, and very special!”

Foto: Nikos Gogas | Flower design: Fabio Zardi | Video: WedFilms | Abito nuziale: Monique Lhuillier Bliss Collection from Kleinfeld’s in NYC | Calzature della sposa: Vince Camuto | Velo: Etsy | Abito dello sposo: Ralph Lauren Black Label | Scarpe: To Boot New York, by Adam Derrick | Spilla e gemelli: Burberry | Complesso musicale: Cornell Jewelers | Partecipazioni: Jill Jarocki | Menu, cartelli delle bevande, sacchetti e brochures: Alexia Georgiou